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Honor Our Ancestors

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  1. Sun Run 1 October 2, 2008 at 7:23 AM
    “Honor Our Ancestors”
    Setting: African Burial Ground, Manhattan NY
    Brooklyn Community Arts and Media HS Students
    Chant and Banner for the Youth Ring Shout
    Fall 2006

    Program Description:
    Students at BCAM studied African history and the diversity of African cultures and ethnic groups. Students worked with their arts instructor, Christie Herbes and Lavie Raven, their language arts instructor, to create fine arts pieces representing West African glyphs.

    BCAM students also created a chant following the theme “What Do You Stand For?” They then created a banner representing their respect for ancestors at the African Burial Ground; “Honor Our Ancestors”. More than one thousand youth from various schools across New York City participated in the youth ring shout.

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