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Welcome to the University of Hip-Hop We are a multidisciplinary school of the street arts... Our students learn how to use graffiti arts, break-dance, emceeing, and turntablism for community beautification and transformation... We have teachers and youth who work across the country helping to design hip-hop community development projects and bring living color to the universe through hip-hop... Share your light with us, and let's build ideas for hip-hop work in the 21st Century!

Next Sun Rising

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  1. Sun Run 1 October 1, 2008 at 6:22 PM
    “Next Sun Rising”
    Setting: Bed Stuy, Brooklyn
    Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School

    Program Description:
    As part of a community service initiative, students from BCAM’s University\ of Hip-Hop club worked with UHipHop teachers from Chicago to paint a mural titled “Next Sun Rising”. This concept sees youth as the next powerful and positive influence on the world, and encourages their participation in community development as social activists addressing their societal concerns.

    The words chosen for the central mural were “Life”, “Read”, and “Soul”, and the group of artists painted the words “Integrity” and “Creativity” in other spaces in the school- yard.

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